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On Feb 13, 2:05 am, Steven D'Aprano <steve
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> On Sun, 12 Feb 2012 20:48:54 -0800, Rick Johnson wrote:
> > Do you think that cost of healthcare is the problem? Do you think the
> > cost of healthcare insurance is the problem? NO! The problem is people
> > expect entitlements.
> Entitlements? I work hard and pay my taxes. I *earned* that healthcare
> that [gentlemen] like you call an entitlement. Damn straight it's an
> entitlement -- I paid for it, I earned it, I'm entitled to it,

And just how much healthcare dollars are you entitled to exactly? Can
you put your entitlement into some form of monetary value?

And how can we ever make a system like this fair? If someone works for
30 years and pays a 30% tax rate and another works for 2 years and
pays 15%, then how do we delegate the fair share? The answer is you
can't delegate fairness in a system like this. The system of "i pay
taxes therfore i deserve a free heart transplant" is broken!

And don't forget, your tax dollars are not just for coving the cost of
healthcare. What about infrastructure, social security, welfare,
military, government bail-outs, bribe money to rouge states, earmarks,
bridges to nowhere, and and even planting trees on the main highways?
These things cost money you know!

How about instead of enriching the government by increasing taxes YOU
just live within your means? If you can afford healthcare, great! If
not, too bad.

>  and if you
> try to steal if from me, expect a fight.

Steal what from you... you're stealing from everyone else! You're
expecting ME to cover YOUR healthcare. What's next? I should
supplement your income so you can you buy a summer home?

What about folks who gorge on sugar, saturated fats, and salt all
their lives with no regard for their own health? What happens when
they develop diabetes, heart disease, and cancer? Do you think the
measly little amount of taxes they payed (IF THEY PAYED AT ALL!) will
cover a heart transplant or cancer treatments? Who will pay when they

What about the idiots who smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, and/or
abuse drugs (prescription or otherwise). Should your tax dollars cover
these medical expenses? Who will pay when they cannot?

What about people who are too lazy to cook their children healthy
meals and instead rely on fast food and soda? What happens when those
same kids become morbidly obese? Why are we not charging these idiots
with child abuse? Who will pay when they cannot?

*Selfish Sam blubbers:* "I pay taxes, so the government needs to
subsidize my unhealthy lifestyle!"

But where does the "government money" come from Sam?
Sam: Taxes?
Very good Sam, and WHO pays taxes?
Sam: Citizens?
You're very smart Sam. And what do think will happen when the
government needs more money?
Sam: They will increase taxes?
Good boy Sam! Here is a treat. Now run along and fetch the newspaper.

Taxes are tranny. And you WANT to give them an excuse to increase
taxes! We are doomed!

> Socialised healthcare is a win-win system:

Sure, for the degenerates!

> - the working class wins, because they get healthcare at a much cheaper
> rate than they could otherwise afford

Healthcare is expensive. Do you want a minimum wage doctor curing your
ills? And the frivolous lawsuits are not bringing the costs down

> - bosses win, because they have reduced absenteeism, lower training costs
> to replace workers who die, and fewer epidemics that threaten their own
> families

BS! With free healthcare, those who would have allowed their immune
system fight off the flu, now take off from work, visit a local
clinic, and get pumped full of antibiotics so they can create a new
strain of antibiotic resistant flu virus! Thanks free healthcare!

> - Wall Street wins, because productivity is increased due to better health

Oh yes, and wall street is the hope of the future. Thank god they are
winning. Thank god they are healthy enough to rob us for another day.
Thank god!

> - pharmaceutical companies win, because even though their profits on
> individual items are reduced, their increased sales more than make up for
> it

This is the same thing that happened to the funiture industry. They
call it the "Assembly Line". I don't know how you feel, but i think
mass produced furniture sucks a big fat Python!

> - doctors win, because they spend more time getting paid to deal with
> patients and less unproductive time on dealing with insurance companies

Doctors have minions for those tasks. Do you actually believe doctors
are on the phone with insurance companies? They are at the freaking
golf course!

> - the economy wins, because fewer people are bankrupted by simple medical
> procedures

It sucks that medical can be so expensive, and i am all for reducing
the costs. However, we cannot implement a system that rewards the
slothful degenerates of society on the backs of the hard working.
Evolution knows how to handle degenerates.

> The only loss is for the insurers, who have to get an honest job. So why
> on earth is anyone against socialised healthcare when it provably works
> better than the US system?

If you look around the world, you will see that socialized heathcare
has been around for a long time. Let me know when it "solves the
healthcare problem"... psst, i won't be holding my breath!

> Simple. To a certain mind, "win-win" is not a good thing, it is a bad
> thing. "Win-win" implies that you might have to share the pie instead of
> eating it all yourself, and to that sort of person, anything less than
> ALL the pie might as well be nothing at all.

That's the chant of the folks who have no capacity to think for
themselves. It's also used by the "controllers" to incite the foolish
masses through emotional rhetoric. The fact is, socialized medicine is
SOMEONE ELSE paying for YOUR healthcare. Socialized medicine is YOU
leaching off the backs of others. Here's a novel idea, subsidize your
own damn healthcare!

You are born with rights. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Healthcare care is NOT a right, healthcare is a privileged. Driving a
car is not a right, it is a privileged. Procreation should be a
privilege, however sadly for our collective evolution, it's seems to
be a right :(

> The inefficiencies (economic and moral) of the US private healthcare
> system are not a bug, they are a feature. It is part of the war the 1% of
> the 1% have been waging on the rest of society for the last 40 years.

What is the goal of the war? Do you really think the one percent want
to destroy the working class? If they did manage to destroy us, then
who would clean their house, take out there garbage, work in the
factories and sweat shops, shine their shoes, wash their cars, wipe
their @$$? Who would create that next new cool IPhone app?

Look, i hate super rich, arrogant people just as much i hate selfish
people. I think you need to take a step back from your emotional
temper tantrum and smell the $hit your shoveling! It is my god given
right to live free of tyranny, not be enslaved by taxes so i can
subsidize you lifespan. Not so you can live to be 104 whilst trying to
suck every last breath out of an oxygen canister. No, you live and die
by your own choices and the cards that were dealt to you. Leave me the
freak out of your selfish card game!

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