OT: Entitlements [was Re: Python usage numbers]

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 16:46:56 EST 2012

On 02/13/2012 09:01 AM, Rick Johnson wrote:
> Look, i hate super rich, arrogant people just as much i hate selfish
> people. 

But wait, Rick.  You are a man of contradictions.  We all are, but you
seem to bluster on and on more about it than most.  Firstly, to *hate*
anyone, super-rich, arrogant, or not, _is_ selfish by definition.  Also,
while I accept that you do not see yourself as arrogant, there are
others on this list, who are not particularly arrogant, who read your
posts as occasionally being extremely arrogant.  For example, your post
mocking people for using English in ways that you do not personally
approve.  Maybe this is just an artifact of the limitations of the
written word.

Now to the second contradiction.  You said that one way to fix health
care costs would be to deny it to anyone who could not afford health
care insurance.  Put in another way, health care should only go to those
that can afford to pay for the insurance or care, and not the
free-loaders.  Is that not what you said?  Thus a "super rich" person
should be commended as he will be able to afford health care without
burdening anyone else in society.  Does your hatred for super-rich,
arrogant, people mean that you believe there is an acceptable dollar
value for the wealth a person should morally be able to amass?

All of this reminds me that I've always wanted to ask you something.
After reading your many posts over the last couple of years, I am
curious.  What do you do for your career?  Are you a professional
software developer?

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