Strange Behavior on Python 3 Windows Command Line

waylan waylan at
Mon Feb 13 20:50:01 CET 2012

When I try running any Python Script on the command line with Python
3.2 I get this weird behavior. The cursor dances around the command
line window and nothing ever happens. Pressing Ctr+C does nothing.
When I close the window (mouse click on X in top right corner), an
error dialog appears asking me to "force" it to close.

See a short (26 sec) video of it here:

Also, the printer suddenly starts printing multiple copies of the
contents of the command line window - which has wasted much paper.

Strangely it was working fine the other day. Then while debugging a
script it suddenly started do this and now does this for every script
I've run in Python 3.2. Multiple system reboots had no effect.
I also have Python 2.5 & 2.7 installed and they work fine.

Even the most basic script results in this behavior:

    if __name__ == "__main__":
        print("Hello, World!")

In an attempt to check the exact version of Python, even this causes
the strange behavior:

    c:\Python32\python.exe -V

I'm on Windows XP if that matters. IDLE (which works fine) tells me
I'm on Python 3.2.2

Any suggestions?

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