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Rick Johnson rantingrickjohnson at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 01:39:37 CET 2012

On Feb 13, 3:46 pm, Michael Torrie <torr... at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 02/13/2012 09:01 AM, Rick Johnson wrote:
> > Look, i hate super rich, arrogant people just as much i hate selfish
> > people.
> But wait, Rick.  You are a man of contradictions.  We all are, but you
> seem to bluster on and on more about it than most.  Firstly, to *hate*
> anyone, super-rich, arrogant, or not, _is_ selfish by definition.

Not necessarily. But i will admit that i did not choose my words

I don't "hate" people simply BECAUSE they are rich. Just like i don't
hate people simply because they are poor. However i DO hate what the
super rich people BECOME. They become blind to their own position in
the universe and instead start to believe the universe revolves around
them. When their daily lives are consumed with vanity, and they lose
all appreciation for the value of money. Yes, they have become
something NOT to aspire to.

But how much is too much?

Good question, and the answer is ALWAYS subjective isn't it? A child
might think $20 dollars is a lot of money. A homeless person might
think someone who has a new model car is rich and not struggling. Same
goes in the opposite direction. A rich man might choose suicide over
life if confronted with the possibility of surviving on $40,000 a
year. However, as we know, many folks survive on much less than that
-- some even pretend to be happy!

Can there be a specific amount wherein if you exceed that amount THEN
you are living in excess? I believe there is a specific amount,
however it is constantly changing depending on the current state of
employment and wages. My equation looks like:

# Py>=3.0
py> sum(earner.get_income(2012) for earner in earners2012) /

Once you exceed that amount you are robbing your fellow man. How can
you justify making more than your fair share UNLESS someone offers
their work load to YOU? You can't. You are living in excess. And for
those who think the average_income is too small, well then, it's time
to implement population control!

The fact is, we have far too many people living beyond their needs. We
have people buying houses they can't afford and then blaming the bank
for some how "tricking" them. They don't have the scruples to accept
the blame!

Take a look around man. The world is in death throes. World wide
economic collapse is upon us. And how did we get here? Entitlements:
which is just another manifestation of selfishness. Look at Greece.
Look at Europe. America YOU are next!

> Put in another way, health care should only go to those
> that can afford to pay for the insurance or care, and not the
> free-loaders.

Yes. Healthcare is a luxury available only to those who can afford it.
If you can't afford healthcare, then visit a REAL charity hospital
(not one subsidized by taxpayers!). A real charity is subsidized by
caring folks who want to help their fellow man -- even if to only
extend his suffering a few more days, months, or years.

> Thus a "super rich" person
> should be commended as he will be able to afford health care without
> burdening anyone else in society.

"commend" is a strong word. I don't think paying your debts requires a
pat on the back. If you have children, then you are required to raise
them, you don't get brownie points for raising your children, it's
your job! Same for debts.

> Does your hatred for super-rich,
> arrogant, people mean that you believe there is an acceptable dollar
> value for the wealth a person should morally be able to amass?

see above equation for enlightenment ^^^

> What do you do for your career?  Are you a professional
> software developer?

Why? Do you need the services of a professional software developer?

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