OT: Entitlements [was Re: Python usage numbers]

Rick Johnson rantingrickjohnson at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 16:04:23 CET 2012

On Feb 15, 2:56 am, John O'Hagan <resea... at johnohagan.com> wrote:

> You have just demonstrated that you are the worst kind of racist. Not only have
> you blamed the victim on a truly monstrous scale, you have assigned blame not to
> individuals, but to entire "races".

Your tabloid sensationalism is the worst i've seen. You'll jump at any
chance to tag someone a racist, homophobic, sexist, or any other kind
of hate group you can muster in a weak attempt to win an argument you
cannot win by spewing ad hominem attacks.

You cannot stay on subject because your argument is baseless and mine
is the backed by truth. Just in case you have forgotten, here is the
main point: "degenerates are a drain on healthcare/society". Can you
counter that argument with a fact and prove they are not? The only
winning argument is that "degenerates pay their own medical bills"...
but as you and i know, most degenerates DON'T pay their own medical
bills. They expect US to pay them.

> You are saying that something inherent in
> each race caused them to "allow" their own subjugation.

I have PROVEN that when people FIGHT back, they will NOT be subjects
to tyranny; race has NOTHING to do with it. I gave one example in
history where people would rather die than be subjected to tyranny,
there are many more. "GIVE ME FREEDOM FOR GIVE ME DEATH!"

The world is full of evil people who seek to force their fellow man
into slavery. Those who refuse to fight for freedom will be victims,
on the other hand, those who are willing to sacrifice ALL in the name
of freedom will be free men.

300: "Go now! Run along and tell your Xerxes he faces free men here,
not slaves! Do it quickly, before we decide to make our wall just a
little bit bigger."

John, I have grown weary of educating you. Go back to your day job
writing op-eds for the National Inquirer and News of the World; they
love this vile sensationalist crap! Goodnight "John boy".

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