Python to Combine Multiple Excel Worksheets into One Worksheet

SMac2347 at SMac2347 at
Wed Feb 15 20:11:39 CET 2012


I have one single Excel file with many separate worksheets, and for
work I need to combine all these separate worksheets into one single
worksheet (I am not worried about formatting, as the format is the
same in each sheet, nor am I worried about Excel's row limit).
Essentially, I am looking for a way to append the data in one sheet to
the bottom of the sheet that proceeds it.

What would be the best way to do this, and how would I go about doing
it? Can it be done simply with the xlwt, xlrd, and xutils modules, or
(as I was thinking) do I need to convert the sheets to separate csv
files, then append the separate csv files, and then write the
completed file back into .xls format? Or perhaps something else?

As I am really only a Python beginner, any and all help is very much
appreciated. Thank you in advance!!

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