format a measurement result and its error in "scientific" way

Daniel Fetchinson fetchinson at
Wed Feb 15 19:18:07 EST 2012

Hi folks, often times in science one expresses a value (say
1.03789291) and its error (say 0.00089) in a short way by parentheses
like so: 1.0379(9)

One can vary things a bit, but let's take the simplest case when we
only keep 1 digit of the error (and round it of course) and round the
value correspondingly. I've been searching around for a simple
function that would take 2 float arguments and would return a string
but didn't find anything although something tells me it's been done a
gazillion times.

What would be the simplest such function?


Psss, psss, put it down! -

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