format a measurement result and its error in "scientific" way

jmfauth wxjmfauth at
Fri Feb 17 10:17:32 CET 2012

On 16 fév, 01:18, Daniel Fetchinson <fetchin... at> wrote:
> Hi folks, often times in science one expresses a value (say
> 1.03789291) and its error (say 0.00089) in a short way by parentheses
> like so: 1.0379(9)

Before swallowing any Python solution, you should
realize, the values (value, error) you are using are
a non sense :

1.03789291 +/- 0.00089

You express "more precision" in the value than
in the error.


As ex, in a 1.234(5) notation, the "()" is usually
used to indicate the accuracy of the digit in "()".

Eg 1.345(7)

Typographically, the "()" is sometimes replaced by
a bold digit ou a subscripted digit.


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