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Rick Johnson rantingrickjohnson at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 10:02:22 EST 2012

On Feb 18, 1:28 am, Ian Kelly <ian.g.ke... at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 6:13 PM, Rick Johnson

> If I were to [sum my tax burden], it would
> probably come to around 30%, which still doesn't bother me, in part
> because I know that it comes back to benefit the society I live in,
> and by extension me, in one way or another..

But do you think you'll get a higher return for your investment? Is it
possible to get a higher return on your investment in this type of
system? NO! You better off just paying for your own damn healthcare.

Well actually, there is a way to get a higher return by taking more
than your "fair share". Any intelligent person would realize that
public healthcare is advocated by degenerates or the bleeding heart
"degenerate eugenics" supporters. Fine, YOU want to subsidize
degeneracy? Then give to charity. The more you give the better you'll
feel. BTW: How much money do you give to charity?

Also, you mentioned Mitt paying 4 million dollars in taxes; that's
more tax than you'll pay in a lifetime!

> > I guess you never purchase
> > ANYTHING or live under the tyranny of local jurisdictions ON TOP of
> > the federal jurisdiction?
> Paying taxes to fund public schools, police departments, fire
> departments, and road maintenance is "tyranny"?

Read my comments and you will know that i support LIMITED
infrastructure. Enough with the spin!

> > Here is a list of taxes most everyone else will encounter:
> This list is awesome.  I love how you include inflation and fines
> imposed for breaking the law as "taxes".

Do you think that ALL traffic tickets are based on reality? You don't
think traffic cops are forced to meet ticket quotas? You don't believe
that some people are wrongly accused? You don't think some police
abuse their power? Have you heard of the many cases of death row
inmates being proven innocent by DNA evidence? You are a FOOL to
believe the justice system is perfect!

> Also how you state that
> "most everyone" will have to pay taxes for fishing licenses, hunting
> licenses, CDL licenses, and even corporate income.

Maybe you live in Amish country, but I have driven on many US highways
and i know for a fact that there are many, MANY, large trucks. All
those truck drivers require a CDL license. Maybe you just ignore the
people you consider to be "beneath you"?

>  Marriage license
> tax?  Yeah, I remember paying that fee.  Once.  I believe it was
> somewhere around $50.

And why do we need the state involved in our love lives?

>  And cigarette tax?  Correct me if I'm wrong,
> but isn't that one mostly paid by those "degenerates" you keep whining
> about, the ones who aren't pulling their own weight?  I hope you can
> understand that I find it a bit ironic that you're now complaining
> about cigarette tax.

It IS a tax nonetheless. Of course the sales pitch for cigarette tax
is that the profit will help offset the medical expenses of cancers
due to smoking, BUT, do you REALLY believe all that money is going
towards healthcare. HA! That's just more money in some politicians

> > Actually i think 10% income tax is a fair amount although i believe
> > taxing income silly. If the government cannot provide national
> > security, domestic security, and LIMITED infratructure on 10% of what
> > we make, they are wasting too much of OUR money.
> Here's a neat table: government spending as a percentage of GDP, by country.

Don't trust polls. Heck, some polls even show Python rising in

> > People, THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH! Every product that is made and every
> > service rendered was a result of someone's hard labor. Sleep on that
> > you degenerates!
> No shit.  I pay those taxes too, you know.  I have no delusions about
> where the money comes from.

Great. Thanks for being a productive member of society. But why do you
support measures that will increase your tax burden? You'll never get
back what you put in unless you're a degenerate. Also, you are
empowering the government with more money. They can't even manage the
money they have now! Has history taught you NOTHING! How many
revolutions is it going to take? How many billions of lives is is
going to take? When are you going to realize that taxation is tyranny?
When are you going to realize that degenerates deserve what they get?

> I fail to see any connection whatsoever.  Animal lovers who only care
> about mammals are stealing money from taxpayers?

Public healthcare is YOU robbing someone else so YOU can get a service
that you don't deserve! That's the hypocrisy!

> Yes, I am so selfish and immoral that I believe everybody should have
> access to health care.  Instead I should be more like you, and label
> people who can't afford their own health care as "degenerates",

I NEVER labeled people who can't afford healthcare degenerates. Enough
with the spin cycle already.

> > Because of people like YOU, we don't deserve the right to evolve!
> What does that even mean?  Evolution is a natural process.

Not for long my friend. By wielding eugenics, even debutante
intelligence's can harness evolution. In the near future, our
technology will soon allow much better ways to harness evolution for
our own gains.

However, in the grander scheme, these flesh bodies are useless to us.
Our fragile bodies where the best passport that evolution could give
us, and are nothing more than a means to an end; they delivered us
like the Santa Maria over perilous waters and into the new lands of

Do you think we can travel the universe in biological bodies? That we
can withstand the radiation? The lack of atmosphere? NO!

Soon we shall cast these "flesh bags" away in the name of progress and
become more powerful than evolution itself -- and in the process, we
WILL cull the herd of all the selfish individuals and their foolish
worship of nostalgic minutia! The individual will be destroyed in the
name of progress. And the supreme being will be born! That is our
destiny. Embrace it!


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