Python as a default shell, replacement of bash, sh, cmd ?

Bryan bryanjugglercryptographer at
Sun Feb 19 05:05:25 CET 2012

SherjilOzair wrote:
> Has it been considered to add shell features
> to python, such that it can be used as a
> default shell, as a replacement for bash, etc.

I think yes, but rather than become a shell, Python makes easy
programming a shell that can execute Python code. The tendency has
been to excel as a scripting language, and prefer to add extra
features to the standard library.

To start, look at the built-in functions eval() and (raw_)input; and
the library modules: subprocess, os and os.path, glob and re, shutil,
and code.

> I'm sure everyone would agree that doing this
> would make the terminal very powerful.

'Cept of course that they already are.

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