paper submission and versioning system - advice?

Brian Blais bblais at
Mon Feb 20 12:45:56 EST 2012


I'd like to find a web-based system to help a committee I'm on, where we receive proposals from different faculty.  I wrote something in python, from scratch, a number of years ago because there wasn't anything available then but it is showing its age and I figured that someone has written something. 

Essentially I need users to be able to start a proposal, with some basic information, and then be able to add files to it.  Other users will be allowed to add files as well, but I'd like to limit deletions to the committee members.  

It seems as if there just has to be available tools like this, but I am not even sure what such a system is called.  Is there anything like this, in python preferably?


			Brian Blais

Brian Blais
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