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Mon Feb 20 12:27:06 CET 2012

Ross Boylan <ross at biostat.ucsf.edu> wrote:

> As an extension or alternate, could there be a decorator like
> @source_line(lineno, filename)
> for classes and methods that could do the conversion on the fly?  I
> don't know if there's a way to go from the function (or class) object
> the decorator receives to the AST.
No [easy] way to go from bytecodes back to AST, but I see no reason why you 
can't create a new code object with your filename and line numbers and then 
create a new function using your modified code object.

If you don't have a 1:1 correspondence of lines then you'll need to pick 
out all the existing line numbers from the code object co_lnotab and modify 
them: see dis.py findlinestarts() for how to do this.

Classes would be harder: the decorator doesn't run until after the class 
body has executed, so you can't change the line numbers that way until it's 
too late. The only thing I can think would be to put all of the generated 
code inside a function and fix up that function with a decorator that scans 
the bytecode to find all contained classes and fix them up.

Or you could generate a .pyc file and then fix up line numbers in the whole 
file: see 
http://nedbatchelder.com/blog/200804/the_structure_of_pyc_files.html for 
some code that shows you what's in a .pyc

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