paper submission and versioning system - advice?

alex23 wuwei23 at
Mon Feb 20 22:31:37 EST 2012

On Feb 21, 3:45 am, Brian Blais <bbl... at> wrote:
> Essentially I need users to be able to start a proposal, with
> some basic information, and then be able to add files to it.
> Other users will be allowed to add files as well, but I'd like
> to limit deletions to the committee members.

> It seems as if there just has to be available tools like this,
> but I am not even sure what such a system is called.  Is there
> anything like this, in python preferably?

Frankly, I'd start at a much higher level than a web framework. I
think you could easily get what you want from a ticketing system like

Trac's tickets would be proposals in your system; I believe you can
attach files to them by default, and even limit the size & type of
attachments. There's a permissions mechanism that would provide your
committee members with higher levels of access. It sits by default on
SVN, so there's your versioning, and provides a wiki, so it's easy to
add supporting documentation to the site. It also provides a very
elegant plug-in system for easy extension, and is all in Python.

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