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>> Hi I am new to python language. On my first day, somebody told me that
>> if any python script file is opened with any editor except python
>> editor, the file is corrupted. Some spacing or indentation is changed
>> and script stops working. I was opening the script file in Windows
>> using Notepad++ but I didn't save anything and closed it. Still it was
>> suggested to never open the python file in any other editor.
>> Can anybody please verify this? Can opening a python script in any
>> editor other than python editor corrupt the script? Did anybody ever
>> face such type of issue or its just misunderstanding of the concept.
> There is compatibility issue with line ending in Windows vs other OS
> that's all I'm aware of.

The only issues I can think of off the top of my head would be line endings
and indentation (tabs vs spaces, number of spaces for one level). The
second would just require care to avoid issues to make sure you match the
style guides for the files you are working on (the Python standard is 4
spaces, I believe). The first could be a silent issue with some editors and
some versions of Python if crossing between Windows, Linux, and Mac,
however most software (including Python) will now convert between the
different forms automatically, and Notepad++ is good about its handling -
it will create new newlines in the format of the file, if such can be

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