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Hi All,

Thanks a ton for your replies!

Still my question is what if I open the file and dont make any changes to
it and close it again? Can it be possible just by doing these steps add
indentation to lines? I am not changing the file prefrences to open it
always with notepad++. Opening it once only.

On Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 6:08 AM, Jason Friedman <jason at> wrote:

> > Hi I am new to python language. On my first day, somebody told me that
> > if any python script file is opened with any editor except python
> > editor, the file is corrupted. Some spacing or indentation is changed
> > and script stops working. I was opening the script file in Windows
> > using Notepad++ but I didn't save anything and closed it. Still it was
> > suggested to never open the python file in any other editor.
> It is possible that the OP is not aware of that Python is space
> sensitive, unlike most(?) programming languages.
> for i in range(5):
>    print("Hello.")
>        print("Goodbye.")
> will not run because the indentation (leading spaces) on the third
> line is incorrect.  It must instead line up with the second line.
> A single tab is equivalent to a single space as far as Python is
> concerned, but your eyes will report a difference and editors that
> substitute one for the other can cause, after saving, code that was
> formerly working to not work (and, I suppose, the reverse).
> Make sure to read the tutorial at (which is
> unfortunately down at this moment
> (

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