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Jugurtha Hadjar jugurtha.hadjar at
Fri Feb 24 06:10:27 EST 2012

On 23/02/2012 23:13, Manish Sharma wrote:
> Hi I am new to python language. On my first day, somebody told me that
> if any python script file is opened with any editor except python
> editor, the file is corrupted. Some spacing or indentation is changed
> and script stops working. I was opening the script file in Windows
> using Notepad++ but I didn't save anything and closed it. Still it was
> suggested to never open the python file in any other editor.
> Can anybody please verify this? Can opening a python script in any
> editor other than python editor corrupt the script? Did anybody ever
> face such type of issue or its just misunderstanding of the concept.
> I hope this group is the best place to ask this. Please reply !
> :)
> Manish

I don't think so, I have used EDIT, Notepad, Notepad++ and they all work 

PS: What's the "python editor" you were advised to stick with, by the way ?

~Jugurtha Hadjar,

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