PyWart: Language missing maximum constant of numeric types!

Mel Wilson mwilson at
Fri Feb 24 10:21:45 EST 2012

Rick Johnson wrote:

> I get sick and tired of doing this!!!
> if maxlength == UNLIMITED:
>     allow_passage()
> elif len(string) > maxlength:
>     deny_passage()
> What Python needs is some constant that can be compared to ANY numeric
> type and that constant will ALWAYS be larger!

Easily fixed:

class Greatest (object):
    def __cmp__ (self, other):
        if isinstance (other, Greatest):
            return 0
        return 1
    def __hash__ (self):
        return id (Greatest)
class Least (object):
    def __cmp__ (self, other):
        if isinstance (other, Least):
            return 0
        return -1
    def __hash__ (self):
        return id (Least)


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