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>On 02/22/2012 07:05 PM, Alec Taylor wrote:
>> or
>> You can also run py2exe in WINE
>You want to say, that I could install python 2.6
>some packages like win32api
>PyQt and tand py2exe under Wine and then compile it.
>Did you try this?
>I didn't even think about trying this out,
>but I know very little about the limits of Wine, so perhaps I
>underestimate it.

As a case in point I have this example of another language:
It was made by a genius inventor (Chuck Moore), and only runs from a
boot-floppy and writes pixels to the screen.
Someone made an environment in MS-Windows to emulate the
booting process and all. This actually runs colorforth.

Now about Wine, how good is it? Actually it is good enough to
run the above emulator!
(We run a third emulator, of the GA144, on top at a decent speed.)

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