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>On Feb 18, 1:28=A0am, Ian Kelly <ian.g.ke... at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 6:13 PM, Rick Johnson
>> If I were to [sum my tax burden], it would
>> probably come to around 30%, which still doesn't bother me, in part
>> because I know that it comes back to benefit the society I live in,
>> and by extension me, in one way or another..
>But do you think you'll get a higher return for your investment? Is it
>possible to get a higher return on your investment in this type of
>system? NO! You better off just paying for your own damn healthcare.
>Well actually, there is a way to get a higher return by taking more
>than your "fair share". Any intelligent person would realize that
>public healthcare is advocated by degenerates or the bleeding heart
>"degenerate eugenics" supporters. Fine, YOU want to subsidize
>degeneracy? Then give to charity. The more you give the better you'll
>feel. BTW: How much money do you give to charity?

This is technically wrong. It is much cheaper for you to pay a few euro's
to combat TBC, then live in a TBC-infected society where you must
take great care not to be infected yourself.
Paying to rid the society of TBC is not charity, it is is common sense.
Your ideas only work for the anti-social few, in an otherwise social
Education is another case in point. It is in you best interest to
allow a getto-genius into Harvard. Otherwise they will become
the master-minds of crime. And you will be too stupid to beat them.

Groetjes Albert

Economic growth -- being exponential -- ultimately falters.
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