New Science Discovery: Perl Idiots Remain Idiots After A Decade!New Science Discovery: Perl Idiots Remain Idiots After A Decade!

Chiron chiron613 at
Wed Feb 29 12:43:22 CET 2012

On Wed, 29 Feb 2012 00:09:16 -0800, Xah Lee wrote:

Personally, I think this whole issue of precedence in a programming 
language is over-rated.  It seems to me that grouping of any non-trivial 
set of calculations should be done so as to remove any possible confusion 
as to intent.  It is one more obstacle to accidental errors in logic, 
where you intend one thing, possibly overlook precedence, and get a 
strange result.

Sure, mathematically it *should* go a particular way, and any programming 
language *should* follow that.  Still... they don't, and since they don't 
it makes more sense to be really obvious what you meant to do.

As someone pointed out, a programming language is for humans; computers 
don't need them.  That being the case, it makes sense to keep things as 
clear as possible.

It's OKAY -- I'm an INTELLECTUAL, too.

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