building GNU debugger (was: Re: Python-list Digest, Vol 101, Issue 164)

Ulrich Eckhardt ulrich.eckhardt at
Wed Feb 29 14:02:36 CET 2012

Three things up front:
1. Do not reply to digests. If you want to only read, you can use the
digests, but they are not usable for replying, because it is completely
unclear where in a discussion you are entering and what you are relating
your answers to.
2. Do not start new threads by using the reply button. Your reply
contains the message ID of the message you're replying to even if you
delete any trace from the body. Better email on news clients will
display your message associated with the one you replied to, although
there is no relation at all. This is also called stealing threads.
3. Pick a meaningful subject. My attitude is generally that if you don't 
have time to pick a subject line, I don't have time to help you.

Generally, getting help is easier if you did your job. Make sure you 
read and understand Eric S. Raymond's essay on asking questions the
smart way.

Am 29.02.2012 12:43, schrieb Shambhu Rajak:
> I want building GNU debugger for mingw.

Doesn't mingw come with GDB or at least have a GDB package? However,
this has nothing to do with Python.

> Need the GDB to support python How should I go about it?

You don't need GDB in order to "support python", which has its own 
debugger. What is it that you're trying to achieve? See also mentioned 
essay on how to ask good questions.

> This message contains information that may be privileged [...]

If you can, please remove this.

Good luck!


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