Fwd: Question about PyXML and python's stdlib xml

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Wed Feb 29 15:48:30 CET 2012

Roman Rakus, 29.02.2012 15:33:
> I'm forwarding this message to python-list, since I didn't get answer on
> xml-sig ML

I didn't see a message from you on that list.

> I have concerns about PyXML and stdlib xml included directly in python.
> Currently (in Fedora) python is trying to import PyXML, which means
> other results when you have and haven't PyXML installed.

What kind of "other results"?

> Furthermore, python's xml provides "dom", "parsers", "sax" and "etree".
> PyXML provides  'dom', 'marshal', 'parsers', 'sax', 'schema', 'utils',
> 'xpath' and 'xslt'. Some modules are duplicated. Does PyXML provides
> more functionality in those modules? Is python's xml better, same or
> worse then PyXML?

PyXML was meant as an extension and hooked into the stdlib XML support.
That's only one of the reasons why it's broken now.

> Anyway, python's xml is newer - is PyXML deprecated?

Yes. It's a dead project.

> Please keep me in CC, I'm not subscribed to the list.

That may be the problem in the xml-sig case also.


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