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> I have just finished listening to the FLOSS Weekly podcast #200
> ( on autotest, where I've learned
> about the existence of TAP ( A standardization
> of testing seems to be so obviously The Right Thing™, that it is strange
> that I don't see much related movement in the Python world (I know only
> about;a=summary or
> git://, which seems to be very very simple
> and only producer).
> What am I missing? Why nobody seems to care about joining TAP standard?
Not sure. Probably it comes down to what you need depending on your tool
chain. But there are alternatives. Most prominent to my knowledge is
subunit [0]. Here is a comparison between the two [1].

One warning when you jump on the TAP train: Using the Python YAML
module PyYAML you will have to find out that TAP uses a YAML subset
called YAMLish [3]. It's not the same and pretty much defined by the
Perl implementation.




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