Removing items from a list

Thomas Philips tkpmep at
Mon Feb 13 08:55:41 EST 2012

I could indeed have addressed this problem with a list comprehension.
It escaped me at the time because the larger problem I was trying to
solve included removing data from a dictionary:

    months =
sorted(list(dataDict.keys()))                                  #Sort
months in ascending order

    for mth in
reversed(months):                                            #Remove
months with inadequate data
        if len(dataDict[mth]) < minItems:
           del dataDict[mth]

There's more than one way to solve this problem, and, with the benefit
of hindsight, my solution was sloppy, but thanks to the help I
received, I was able to get my code working correctly. Cleaning up is
the next phase!

Thanks, all.

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