Setting an environment variable.

Ashton Fagg ashton at
Tue Jan 3 00:45:20 EST 2012

Hi list.

A bit new to Python so please forgive my potential ignorance.

I'm working with an embedded machine, which is using a Python script to 
oversee the acquisition of some data. The supervisor script, which is 
run by crontab every 5 minutes, relies on an environment variable to be 
set. I've tried to set the environment variable inside crontab, however 
this doesn't work when the script runs.

Is there a nice way to do this inside the supervisor script itself? 
Would an os.system("export foo=/bar/foo/bar") at the very beginning of 
the script do what I want? I would just like to check before I make 
changes, as being an embedded machine it's a bit of a pain to update 
things like this...(read only file system)

Note: This is for Python 2.4. I have no ability to update to anything 
newer as this is what our codebase relies upon.

Thanks and regards,

Ashton Fagg (ashton at

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