python philosophical question - strong vs duck typing

Sean Wolfe ether.joe at
Tue Jan 3 13:13:26 EST 2012

Hello everybody, I'm a happy pythonista newly subscribed to the group.
How is it going?
I have a theoretical / philosophical question regarding strong vs duck
typing in Python. Let's say we wanted to type strongly in Python and
were willing to compromise our code to the extent necessary, eg not
changing variable types or casting or whatever. Let's say there was a
methodology in Python to declare variable types.

The question is, given this possibility, would this get us closer to
being able to compile down to a language like C or C++?

What I am driving at is, if we are coding in python but looking for
more performance, what if we had an option to 1) restrict ourselves
somewhat by using strong typing to 2) make it easy to compile or
convert down to C++ and thereby gain more performance.

It seems to be that accepting the restrictions of strong typing might
be worth it in certain circumstances. Basically the option to use a
strongly-typed Python as desired. Does this get us closer to being
able to convert to Cpp? Does the Cython project have anything to do
with this?


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