help me get excited about python 3

Sean Wolfe ether.joe at
Wed Jan 4 10:56:18 EST 2012

I am still living in the 2.x world because all the things I want to do
right now in python are in 2 (django, pygame). But I want to be
excited about the future of the language. I understand the concept of
needing to break backwards compatibility. But it's not particularly
exciting to think about. What are the cool new bits I should be
reading up on?

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[Zaphod] Hey, Marvin! We've got a job for you.
[Marvin] I won't enjoy it.
[Zaphod] Yes, you will. There's a whole new life stretching out in front of you!
[Marvin] Oh, not another one!
[Zaphod] Shut up and listen!  There'll be excitement and adventure and
really wild things!
[Marvin] Sounds awful.
[Zaphod] But, Marvin ...
[Marvin] I suppose you want me to help you to get into this spaceship ...
[Zaphod] Marvin, will you just listen!
[Marvin] ... and open the door for you.
[Zaphod] What?  Er ... Yeah.
[Marvin] Well, I wish you'd just tell me, rather than try to engage my
enthusiasm, because I haven't got one.

A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write,
if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself.
- Abraham Maslow

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