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Hi Everyone,


A number of friends in the community recommended i email this group regarding some obstacles im running into regarding a Python/Django dilemma :). Im currently representing a e-Plushing firm who has built an amazing custom ebook publishing platform in Django and Python. We are now looking for a Python engineer who has dabbled in NoSQL databases. This person will understand programming languages both static and dynamic typing. They offer a great work environment as they have a nice loft in Midtown in addition to challenging/custom work.


Below i have included additional details if you know of anyone that might be interested. 



We have a great referral program as well. 


Our ebook publishing platform is built on Django and LAMP (for P in ['Python']) - and the demand is growing!  We're looking for a senior software engineer who's passionate about building and shipping products that are great inside and out.  As a senior team member, you'll ensure our product enjoys high-availability, scalability, and the other expected non-functional requirements through peer review and leveraging cloud infrastructure.  You'll also support our journey towards continuous delivery inclusive of iterative development, automated testing (CI), modern configuration management using chef, and push-button deployments with confidence. 


About you: You love technology and good engineering as much as shipping great products - and deftly balance these concerns.  You're a Python expert and code for fun.  You've probably dabbled in NoSQL databases, know multiple programming languages both static and dynamic typing (and pros/cons of each), have tried a variety of web servers and frameworks, understand the power and challenges of different caching strategies, are a go-to for CS fundamentals, and contribute to open source projects.  You constructively initiate improvements.  You also don't shy away from Linux systems operations where it butts up against development concerns such as redundancy with auto-failover, efficient resource utilization, performance optimization, data management, apache configuration, application monitoring, log file aggregation (e.g., using scribe), security, capacity and scaling concerns - i.e., approaching devops from the development side.  You enjoy being a hands-on individual contributor and also have great skills mentoring peers/colleagues - a team player who's well respected due to your technical abilities and willingness to help other team members without the ego.  You thrive in a fast-paced yet thoughtful startup environment.

8+ years in software development in Linux - years of experience are necessary to design robust architectures 
Python expertise required - (open source) samples will be requested 
Experience building and maintaining distributed, scale-out, high performant web-based systems on Linux required 
Have solid CS and OO fundamentals 
Strong and effective communication skills including with remote team members 
Have created and consumed RESTful APIs 
Cloud experience with AWS or comparable required 
Iterative (agile) development experience required 
Must have a passion for automated testing 
Python web framework and MVC pattern usage required; Django a plus; built your own web framework a major plus 
Push-button deployment experience a plus 
Experience with Celery and RabbitMQ a plus 
Knowledge of ePub and HTML5 standards a plus

Fun coworkers, great mentors 
Convenient mid-town Manhattan "loft" 
Lots of fun with Apple products and ereaders 






luis perez | principal

winter wyman companies - technology staffing

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