Parallel Processing

Yigit Turgut y.turgut at
Sun Jan 8 08:23:43 EST 2012

Hi all,

I am trying to run two functions at the same time with Parallel
Processing (pp) as following ;

import pygame
import sys
import time
import math
import pp

screen = pygame.display.set_mode((0, 0), pygame.FULLSCREEN)
timer = pygame.time.Clock()
white = True
start = time.time()
end = time.time() - start

def test1():
  global end
    end = time.time() - start
    timer.tick(4) #FPS
    screen.fill((255,255,255) if white else (0, 0, 0))
    white = not white

def test2():
  global end
    end2 = time.time() - start
    print end

ppservers = ()

if len(sys.argv) > 1:
    ncpus = int(sys.argv[1])
    # Creates jobserver with ncpus workers
    job_server = pp.Server(ncpus, ppservers=ppservers)
    # Creates jobserver with automatically detected number of workers
    job_server = pp.Server(ppservers=ppservers)
print "Starting PP with", job_server.get_ncpus(), "workers"

job1 = job_server.submit(test1,test2)
result = job1()

And the output is ;

Starting PP with 2 workers
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 46, in <module>
    job1 = job_server.submit(test1,test2)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/", line 402, in submit
    raise TypeError("args argument must be a tuple")
TypeError: args argument must be a tuple

When I change job1 to just to see if it will run one function only;
job1 = job_server.submit(test1)

I get an output of;

NameError: global name 'end' is not defined

end variable is defined as global but I get a NameError. Anyone has an
idea what's going on ?

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