idle mac os x international keyboard umlaut input

Some Friend some-friend at
Sun Jan 8 14:32:59 EST 2012

Dear Friends,
with an international keyboard on mac os 10.6
an umlaut is inserted according to the chosen
keyboard layout with alt + u followed by a,
o or u for ä, ö or ü, or with cmd + " followed
by a, o or u for ä, ö or ü.  Neither way works
in the IDLE console or file window of IDLE.
Both ways work on the python console in a terminal

IDLE version 3.2.2, Phyton version 3.2.2 and
Tk version 8.5 according to IDLE -> "About IDLE".

Names of the keyboard layouts:
"US" and "US International - PC"

Thank y'll for any Help

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