stable object serialization to text file

Máté Koch koch.mate at
Wed Jan 11 15:16:45 EST 2012

Hello All,

I'm developing an app which stores the data in file system database. The data in my case consists of large python objects, mostly dicts, containing texts and numbers. The easiest way to dump and load them would be pickle, but I have a problem with it: I want to keep the data in version control, and I would like to use it as efficiently as possible. Is it possible to force pickle to store the otherwise unordered (e.g. dictionary) data in a kind of ordered way, so that if I dump a large dict, then change 1 tiny thing in it and dump again, the diff of the former and the new file will be minimal?

If pickle is not the best choice for me, can you suggest anything else? (If there isn't any solution for it so far, I will write the module of course, but first I'd like to look around and make sure it hasn't been created yet.)



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