Deleted System default Python on Leopard

Francesco Zhu franciszhu1990 at
Mon Jan 16 07:41:03 EST 2012

Hello everyone,

recently I've started to be try Python on my Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard and I've already messed up with it...

I was compiling a Python souce code but didn't succeed and so I decided to install a newer version of Python.
But before that, I did a stupid thing: I deleted manually all the folders of the Leopard's system default Python 2.5.1...

Before when I was using the system Python, the program namebench worked perfectly.
After that I messed everything up and installed MacPython 2.5 from the site, now namebench always crashes.

On the problem report system of Apple it gives me these errors:

While this is the Console:

What problem can it be?
Can I clean up all the Pythons and restore the system one?

Thanks everyone.

Francesco Zhu
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