First python project : Tuner

Jérôme jerome at
Tue Jan 17 09:16:01 EST 2012

Hi all.

Like others before me, I'd like to show you my first python attempt, in the
hope in can get advices on how to improve my coding.

I started learning python and pyGTK last november. I had had a short
experience of GTK with C, but had given up as I lacked time and I found it
more difficult than I expected. python makes things more easy. Yet, after
starting with pyGTK, I switched to PyGObject, and lack of documentation made
small things a bit hard sometimes...

The project I chose as an exercise is some sort of guitar tuner. It can be
found here :

The choice of the sound backends was already discussed on this list. Next
step would be to switch to a python audio library and use threads instead of

I added flags to avoid race conditions, perhaps with a little bit of
clumsyness. This makes the code more complicated than it deserved to be.

Any comment is welcome, be it about code optimization, coding style,
pythonification, good practices, or simply program features and usability.



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