Wrong directory encoding when building a windows setup from Linux

Benedict Verheyen benedict.verheyen at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 03:42:24 EST 2012


I have a suite of scripts that I develop on Debian Linux, python version 2.7.1 but the resulting server
where the scripts are deployed to is Windows based.
I struggled making my setup.py file include data I need for my testing suite, but in the
end i succeeded by making a MANIFEST.in file containing "graft data" where data
is the name of the directory containing my test data.

Building an installable for Windows is easily done via python setup.py bdist_wininst
So far so good; The data contains directories with non ascii characters like ø, é and so on.
Checking the build/lib/mypackage/data reveals that the names are still correct on Linux.
However, on Windows, the directory names aren't correct any more, the special chars
are replaced with other weird chars.
If I extract the .exe file on Windows using 7 zip, I can see that the directories in there are already wrong.

How can I fix this?
Is there a way to specify what encoding the directory names are using and how do I specify this in
the setup.py script?


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