looking for good tutorials/books for advanced beginners

Dobi harry at daiw.de
Wed Jan 25 07:42:20 EST 2012


a few month ago I began to learn Python. I have read and understood
the following tutorials so far:

>From a pracitcal perspective I solved 62 of the easier problems from
http://projecteuler.net and coded some mini programs:
- small prisoners dilemma tournament: different strategies compete
(forgiving tit for tat wins of course in the end ;)) (P3) ->
- a short simulation of the lorenz waterwheel with turtle output of
the phase space trajectory (P3) -> http://daiw.de/BlogFiles/LorenzWaterwheel.py
- a simple neural network (MLP), that trains with backpropagation and
can be plottet (again with the turtle :D) (P3) -> http://daiw.de/BlogFiles/NeuralNetwork.py
- Conway's Game of Life with OpenCV (P2) -> http://daiw.de/BlogFiles/GoL.py
- some parsers for different log files with graphical output using
MatPlotLib (P2)

I am not planning to do bigger projects at the moment, but I would
love to learn more about Python because I like it and I have fun with
it. I guess that especially in OOP stuff I still think to much in C++
style, because that's where I come from. What tutorials/books can you
recomment to me based on my current experience? Something with the
difficulty level of "Effecive C++" but just for Python could fit.
I linked my source codes, because perhaps they give directly on the
first glance a hint where my biggest weaknesses are and what I should
learn next.


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