Where to put data

bvdp bob at mellowood.ca
Wed Jan 25 12:26:33 EST 2012

I'm having a disagreement with a buddy on the packaging of a program we're doing in Python. It's got a number of modules and large number of library files. The library stuff is data, not code. 

I'd like to put the modules in /usr/lib/pythonX.Y/mymodules or wherever setup.py decides. And the data in /usr/share/lib/myprogram.

My buddy says, that it'll be hard to be consistant in the /usr/share/.. when we consider platforms other than linux. So, he wants:

       mymodules ...
       mydata  ....

I've got 2 issues with this:

   1. I don't know if putting data in the python tree is "legit".
   2. I'd have to do a lot of rewritting. My modules currently use:

           include mymodules.foobar

   and I would need to change that to:

            include myprogram.mymodules.foobar


unless there is python way to drop the "myprogram" bit?

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