running in a virtualenv

Andrea Crotti andrea.crotti.0 at
Thu Jan 26 06:16:32 EST 2012

I have a python script which has to run some other code and to separate 
the different projects I'm
using virtualenv.
What my this script does is:
- check if the virtualenv exists already, otherwise create it with
         virtualenv.create_environment(venv_path, site_packages=True,

- generate the right command to call and use
   check_call(['virtualenv_interpreter', 'command', 'to', 'run']) to 
execute the
   whole thing inside the virtual environment.

It works fine, but for example debugging doesn't work very after the
check_call is called.

Is there a better way or maybe is it possible to change the 
sys.executable at run-time?
Or in general how do I debug/profile python subprocesses?


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