profiling the evolution

Andrea Crotti andrea.crotti.0 at
Thu Jan 26 16:34:11 EST 2012

I am doing some analysis of profiling results and I use gprof2dot to 
generate nice

Now I was thinking, wouldn't it be great to have a way to get a nice 
report that summarizes
the evolution of my code.
For example given two versions :

version 1:
func1: 10 seconds
func2: 20 seconds

version 2:
func1: 12 seconds
func2: 21 seconds

func1: + 20 %
func2: + 5%

This requires some analysis of the stats generated but it shouldn't be 
too hard.
Now the second thing is, does it make sense to generate a graph of this 
For example we can generate a normal profiling graph but give some 
colors to the
nodes which are changed.

Another great thing would be to have a graph which is actually 
clickable, so clicking
on nodes would take you to the right source code file.. I think only PDF 
can do that
of the format provided by DOT right? And it might not be so trivial, any 

Anyone did something similar and would like to share?

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