Questions about "compiled" Python (beginner)

HoneyMonster someone at someplace.invalid
Sun Jan 29 12:57:10 EST 2012

I am new to Python (Python 2.7 on Linux). Research indicates that:

a) "Compiling" Python modules into intermediate bytecode marginally 
improves load time.

b) The Python interpreter will use an already-prepared .pyc file if one 
exists in the same directory as the .py.

That then, is presumably why for every .py file in my site-packages 
directory there is a corresponding .pyc file.

Question 1: What then, are the .pyo files? I note that many of them are 
identical to the .pyc, but that some differ.

Question 2: What happens if the .py file is changed and the .pyc is thus 
made obsolete. Does the interpreter ignore the .pyc? If so, how does it 
know? By the timestamp?


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