Spamming PyPI with stupid packages

Ben Finney ben+python at
Sun Jan 1 19:52:27 EST 2012

Alexander Kapps <alex.kapps at> writes:

> Absolutely not funny. I hope that someday people will understand that
> sexism is just another form of racism.

That's not right. Racism and sexism are not forms of each other.

Instead, racism and sexism are both forms of bigotry.

And yes, I agree that the packages at issue are unfunny and the intent
is bigoted.

> I was about to write a really harsh reply, but cooled down before I got a
> chance to hit the Send button.

You would do better to send it to the author, rather than here.

> Felinx Lee: Do apologize and rename your package/module or I'm going
> to make a racist comment against Chinese people.

Please don't. We must be better than the bigots whose behaiour you
rightly deplore.

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