readline for mac python? (really, reproducing mac python packages)

K Richard Pixley rich at
Sun Jan 1 22:04:09 EST 2012

On 1/1/12 16:49 , K Richard Pixley wrote:
> I'm having trouble finding a reasonable python environment on mac.
> The supplied binaries, (2.7.2, 3.2.2), are built with old versions of
> macosx and are not capable of building any third party packages that
> require gcc.
> The source builds easily enough out of the box, (./configure
> --enable-framework && make && sudo make install), but when I do that, I
> end up with a python interpreter that lacks readline.
> How do I get readline involved?
> Or better... is there an instruction sheet somewhere on how to reproduce
> the binary packages?
> --rich

Bah.  I just needed to dig a little deeper into the source.  All the doc 
I wanted is in there.


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