Generating sin/square waves sound

Paulo da Silva p_s_d_a_s_i_l_v_a at
Mon Jan 2 02:34:24 EST 2012

Em 31-12-2011 01:19, K Richard Pixley escreveu:
> On 12/29/11 23:17 , Paulo da Silva wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Sorry if this is a FAQ, but I have googled and didn't find any
>> satisfatory answer.
>> Is there a simple way, preferably multiplataform (or linux), of
>> generating sinusoidal/square waves sound in python?
>> Thanks for any answers/suggestions.
> I just posted on this elsewhere.  Look for a thread titled: "Which
> library for audio playback ?"
> --rich

Thank you. I have just seen it using google and saved the bookmark of
the link. It's too late now but I'll read it tomorrow.

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