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Grant Edwards invalid at invalid.invalid
Mon Jan 2 12:02:15 EST 2012

On 2012-01-01, Alexander Kapps <alex.kapps at> wrote:
> On 01.01.2012 03:36, Grant Edwards wrote:
>> On 2011-12-31, Alexander Kapps<alex.kapps at>  wrote:
>>> On 31.12.2011 19:23, Roy Smith wrote:
>>>>>> Why do I waste my time reading your pretentious self-important nonsense?
>>>>> ;)
>>>> Why ROFLMAO when double-plus funny works just as well?
>>> xkcd/386 has been the excuse for replying to RR for ages and I still
>>> don't understand why he gets that much advertence. Charity? Sympathy
>>> for the lone and broken?
>> Sadly, RR's post are often (in the supposed words of Wolfgang Pauli)
>> "not even wrong".
> I'm sure, RR is now jumping up high in rapture for being compared to 
> high-profile scientist geniuses.

I'm not comparing RR to Pauli.  I'm quoting somethin Pauli said when
criticising something that was so confusing and ill conceived that "it
wasn't even wrong".


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