Python3 on MacOsX Lion?

Tamer Higazi th982a at
Mon Jan 2 18:03:05 EST 2012

Hi Rich!
Why don't you ask the maintainer who built the macport?!
Why don't you try to to figure out with "WHAT" kind of tools they have 
built the mac port and "WHERE" to get them either. And ask him also how 
to set the flags to build the 64bit edition.

Then you don't have to be afraid of any prebuild mac port editions. This 
is how I would do it.


Am 02.01.2012 22:23, schrieb K Richard Pixley:
> On 1/2/12 13:03 , Benjamin Kaplan wrote:
>> On Mon, Jan 2, 2012 at 2:32 PM, K Richard Pixley<rich at>  wrote:
>>> Where would I look to find the current expected status of python3 on 
>>> MacOsX
>>> Lion?
>>> The distributed binaries aren't capable of allowing extensions that 
>>> use gcc.
>>> I can build the source naked, but then it lacks some libraries, 
>>> notably,
>>> readline.
>>> Attempting to build the full Mac packages fails, even with the few tiny
>>> patches I used for 2.7.2.
>>> Is anyone working on this?  Are there pre-release patches available?
>>> Should I be asking elsewhere?
>>> --rich
>>> -- 
>> Have you tried building through Macports?
> No, I haven't.  Macports scares me.  When I tried them, or fink, in 
> the past, they rapidly polluted my boot disk and I didn't have any way 
> to unpollute it other than reloading from scratch.
> In freebsd, netbsd, or any of the linux distributions, I can trivially 
> create a virtual machine in about 20 minutes, screw with it as I like, 
> and toss it in seconds.  In modern linux, I can create a root file 
> system with btrfs, snapshot, chroot to the snapshot and munge away. 
> When I'm done, I can just toss the snapshot.  (Can do snapshots in 
> vmware too).
> If I screw up my boot drive in MacOsX, I'm in for hours of recovery 
> time reloading from Time Machine.  While that's a lot better than it 
> used to be now that Time Machine is available, (reloading can now be 
> done largely unattended), it's not a price I'm willing to pay in order 
> to attempt to use Macports.
> --rich

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