Benjamin Kaplan benjamin.kaplan at
Tue Jan 3 14:24:39 EST 2012

On Tue, Jan 3, 2012 at 1:49 PM, D'Arcy Cain <darcy at> wrote:
> On 12-01-03 01:24 PM, gene heskett wrote:
>> The solution is to chop the link between google.groups and this list.  But
>> that subject has been declared verboten. Too much inconvenience to ask the
>> googlers to subscribe to the real list I guess.  Because my spamassassin
> Perhaps they just need to be reminded from time to time that many of us have
> already "chopped the link" and for us there is no Google Groups on this
> list.  I never even saw the original message because everything from GG goes
> straight to /dev/null on my system.
> Now if only I could automatically kill the replies to GG messages.  :-)
> P.S. if you use Spamassassin:
> :0 Hir
> * ^List-Id:.*
> * ^From:.*
> * ^Newsgroups:.*
> /dev/null
> --

Wouldn't that just kill everything sent from a gmail account? That's
not the same thing as Google Groups. The mailing list posts, at least,
have an "Organization:" header. You'd
probably be better off filtering on that.

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