Spamming PyPI with stupid packages

Ethan Furman ethan at
Tue Jan 3 22:34:28 EST 2012

Ben Finney wrote:
> I have no idea what it would take to persuade you in particular. I do
> know that the combined privileges of being white, male, not-poor, and
> English-fluent (and many more privileges, I'm sure) grant both of us the
> luxury of barely even perceiving the harm done by a pervasive atmosphere
> of even low-level prejudice against any given group of people.

> We have very effective cognitive blinders, merely because we have never
> needed to know what it's like being a woman in this prevalently-male
> field. The onus is on us to try hard to see, despite those blinders and
> easy rationalisations, that there is a lot we allow from our fellows
> which is perpetuating a hostile environment.

> I'm not making a fuss about one sexist joke, which has already been
> retracted by its author. I'm making a fuss about allowing and, worse,
> defending such jokes as a tacitly-accepted norm of our community. And I
> hope those of us who prefer to think of ourselves as not-sexist will act
> to clean up our house more.



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