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Thu Jan 5 03:48:33 EST 2012

Chris Angelico於 2012年1月5日星期四UTC+8上午7時29分21秒寫道:
> On Thu, Jan 5, 2012 at 10:25 AM, Andres Soto <soto_... at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > My situation is the following: I am developing some code. I use the IDLE
> > Editor to write it down. Then, I save it and import it from the command line
> > interface, so it is already available from the prompt.
> > Then I load (read) some data from files using that code. Let suppose that
> > after that I make some changes in the code using again the IDLE Editor, save
> > the program code, and…what else? The updated code is not already available
> > from the command line interface. If I run the module, I lose the data
> > already loaded (and it is a big amount). If I re-import it, the new code is
> > not available
> Re-importing modules is a bit messy. The usual way to do this sort of
> thing would be to run the program directly from the command line, and
> terminate it when you're done. Is there a particular reason for
> wanting to import it that way?
> Chris Angelico

Thus you are developing a module in python. 
Just use module_name_v??? in those experiments. 

The version compatible problem is developer's job. 

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