Unable to install xmldiff package on WIndows7

John Gordon gordon at panix.com
Thu Jan 5 14:34:37 EST 2012

In <ede7debc-b122-42a0-bcc9-04797b4ac115 at q7g2000yqn.googlegroups.com> hisan <santosh.ssit at gmail.com> writes:

> Can some one help me out here Its High Priority

GCC is failing with a "No such file or directory" error.

I assume this means either that gcc is not installed on your computer,
or that it couldn't find one of the files you passed on the command line.

The first case seems less likely, as I would expect a "Command not found"
error instead of "No such file or directory".

The second case seems more likely, especially since one of the directories
GCC is trying to use contains embedded spaces in the name:

  -ID:\Python26\PC - c extensions/maplookup.c

Can you rename that directory to something that does not contain spaces
and try it again?

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