Spamming PyPI with stupid packages

Rick Johnson rantingrickjohnson at
Fri Jan 6 00:58:08 EST 2012

On Jan 1, 5:24 pm, Alexander Kapps <alex.ka... at> wrote:
> Uh oh, should I really send this? ... Yes. Yes, I should! Sorry, I
> cannot resists.
> >>> allow everyone to do "import girlfriend"
> > I'm betting on a joke, like antigravity only significantly less
> > funny and more sexist.
> Absolutely not funny. I hope that someday people will understand
> that sexism is just another form of racism.

I want everyone to realize that just because you are offended by
someones statements, actions, or behavior, DOES NOT mean those
statements, actions or behaviors are wrong.

Example: I have a right to buy the flag of your country and burn it.
To you the flag is a symbol to be worshiped. SO WHAT! To me your flag
is a worthless piece of cloth! And since i bought and own this
worthless piece of cloth, i can burn it, stomp on it, poke it with a
stick, and even wipe my kulo with it! Sure, doing all these things may
make me look like a complete idiot, but it is my god given right to
act like an idiot! Now, you could get all upset and call in the
gestapo, or you could just have a giggle and go about your day. Choice
is yours.

Anecdote: A while back i read a story about some kids gesturing their
middle fingers to on-duty policemen. As you might have guessed the
kids were arrested, handled roughly, and charged with disorderly
conduct. Soon after the kids sued the police department and received a
nice amount of money for their false arrest.

Just like the police, all the people getting upset over this light-
hearted joke are over-reacting and trying to abuse power. They believe
they have the power to stop other people from offending them. No, the
police DO NOT have that power, and YOU don't not have that power.
However, you DO have the power to ignore. And that is what the gestapo
*should* have done.

Now, if someone were making jokes about handicapped or mentally
challenged people (or anyone who does not have the capacity to defend
themselves) THEN you would be justified to make an argument. This case
warrants no such justification. Heck, there is not even a specific
victim to protect -- well, except for the poor guy who has to import
everything. Nobody cares about him :'-(

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