Getting involved

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at
Sat Jan 7 06:53:52 EST 2012

Andrew Berg, 07.01.2012 12:16:
> On 1/7/2012 4:59 AM, Sophie Sperner wrote:
>> Could you please list me 2 or 3 projects in Python and/or Java which
>> are currently active (vivid) and useful?
> If you really want to mix Python and Java, you could help the Jython
> project [...]

A big issue that I have with Jython is that its ElementTree XML parser
support is so increadibly slow. It could seriously benefit from a better
integration between the Java XML support it uses and the Python ElementTree
module that it inherits from CPython. Considering that XML is a requirement
in many real world applications, especially in the Java world, you (Sophie)
might be interested in adding all three of Python, Java and XML to your
toolbox at the same time, while also learning how to benchmark and optimise
Java and Python code. I think that would pretty quickly get you up to speed
with real world software development.


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